What is Mini Cup ?

The Minicup car is a ˝ scale stock car built just like the Nextel Cup cars you see on TV. They have tube chassis, adjustable suspension, coil-over Carrera shocks, disc brakes, and rack and pinion steering.The goal of Mini Cup racing is to provide an inexpensive entry level stock car racing experience for new drivers.
There are two divisions that use the super minicup. One is for children aged 8-16 called the Future Stars of Racing. All other drivers compete in the Open class. The cars are identical in every respect except that the Future Stars of Racing cars use a small carburetor to reduce the power of the engine.The Open class has proven to be a very popular class with many adult racers. If you have always wanted to race but didn't have the money, time, and pit crew, minicups are the answer. Since 1995 the Miniature Motorsports Racing Association (MMRA) has sanctioned minicup races around the country. In February of 2002, MMRA announced major changes and new leadership. a new Touring series with the They brought on a new management team, built a newwebsite ( www.mmraracing.com ), and announced an ambitious
promotion plan culminating with the MMRA Nationals Presented by the U.S. Air Force. The 2003 season brought champions taking home custom designed gold rings. Full details are available on their regularly updated website - www.mmraracing.com The cars, engines, and rules for super minicups are generally the same nationwide so there is a level playing field for all competitors.


Advantages of minicup racing


You have a full roll cage and body for protection similar to Winston Cup cars but you will be going less than half as fast. This combination means you shouldn’t have to worry about having your life disrupted by an injury


All racing is expensive but minicups are the lowest cost alternative short of go-karts – and even though go-karts may be cheaper up front, minicups have full bodywork for sponsors and you shouldn’t have to worry about spending time and money in the hospital (see #1 above).


Most all minicup racecars are manufactured by a small number of manufacturers. As such, your car will be pretty much the same as everyone else's. You don’t have to worry that someone with more experience or money will be able to buy a faster car. In addition, rules limit the engine modifications so you can buy a front running engine for about $1,400 and that one engine will last all season.


The cars and rules are set nationwide by the MMRA and/or SRL so you can travel or move and still race competitively.


You will get more racing per dollar with minicups. Once you have the car, there is very little maintenance necessary. You’ll spend more time racing and less working on the car.


Minicups look and feel like real race cars. You can use this to your advantage when approaching sponsors.

Future Stars

Minicups are the perfect vehicle for your son or daughter to get started in racing. MMRA has the Future Stars series with organized events and rules specifically for children.


Working on the car is easy enough for one person to handle. One person can even replace the engine unassisted. The single piece fiberglass body also makes bodywork simple for the novice.


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