Speedway Auto Mall Legends is a full service Legends dealer, dedicated to serve you. Listed below are some of the services we provide.

Setups & Frame Work

Our shop can set your car up and have it race ready. We can provide you with a complete car setup on either your Legends or Thunder Roadsters race car. We set your car's front end caster, camber, toe and bump steer. We offer computer scaling and rear-end alignment along with setting its pinion and trust angle. Finally, your car's ride height is set to match its new setup.

When necessary, we provide body and frame work for those "less than perfect" race nights. From attaching new front and rear clips to realigning your frame on a frame jig, we can put your car back in race shape.


Not only do we stock every part used on a Legends or Thunder Roadsters car, we are also a Simpson Racing dealer. We can provide installation for everything we sell as well. Additionally, we maintain a parts trailer which is at each Legends race and we have our mechanics at each race to provide emergency repairs if necessary.

Engine Work

We can fine-tune your new engine; do regular maintenance or trouble shooting problems. We can keep your motor running at peak performance. We have just added the ability to Dyno test your Legend Car to make
Sure that your car will always be at its performance peak.

Please come and visit us in Rockford
or call us at 815-636-0244

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