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Rockford, ILL. - Two words that are virtually unheard of in motorsports are “financing available.”  A local banker simply glazes over when you walk in and want to borrow 12 large, for example, to buy a new race car.

You’ll receive no such blank stares at Speedway Auto Mall Legend Cars, the Illinois-Wisconsin Legends Cars dealer. 

“Unlike just about any other race car dealer, we offer financing as well as a full service shop with a complete line of products.” said Jr. Eddie Mecum, the Owner of Speedway Auto Mall Legends Cars.  “You can ride a bicycle in here and we can send you out with a race car, trailer, tow vehicle, safety gear and everything else you’ll need to race. 

Legends Cars are 5/8 scale versions of nine models: ‘34 Ford coupe, ‘34 Ford sedan, ‘34 Chevy coupe, ‘37 Dodge coupe, ‘37 Chevy coupe, ‘37 Ford coupe, ‘37 Chevy sedan, ‘37 Ford sedan, and a ‘40 Ford coupe.  The cars weigh 1,100 pounds, have a wheelbase of 73 inches and are powered by a Yamaha 1,200 cc motorcycle engine running 10:1 compression that produces 125 horsepower.

Legends cars were created in the early 1990s to fill a racing gap noticed by officials at Charlotte Motor Speedway.  There were not many race cars in the $10,000 to $15,000 category, but tracks that catered to them were experiencing a noticeable increase in car counts.  The CMS officials decided to produce a small race car costing less than $13,000 that was relatively maintenance free, could be towed with a small pickup and raced at smaller tracks around the country.  The Legends Cars concept was born.  In addition to low entry-level costs, the Legends Cars are easy on the pocket book during the race season.  “The tire rule virtually eliminates the expense.”  Jr. Eddie Mecum said “We run 60 series BF Goodrich radial tires on a 7-inch rim.  The tires last a season, and there’s no sense in spending a lot of money on engine modifications because there’s no way to get any more power down to the road.”

“Legends have taken off everywhere nationwide, and we want to continue that in the Midwest with our facilities here at Speedway Auto Mall,” Jr. Eddie Mecum said.  “But, we decided to take things a step further.  We decided to stay with our customers all the way through the racing experience.”

“We believe that for a series to succeed, there must be dealer support at every level.” Jr. Eddie Mecum said.  “We have what we believe are the best facilities around in terms of the showroom, shop and the auto mall that carries at least 50 trucks suitable for tow vehicles at all times.  We also have made arrangements to provide a trailer and safety gear.”

“We encourage anyone interested in Legends to attend one of our schools to check it out before making a decision regarding a purchase,” Jr. Eddie Mecum said.  “The schools are regularly scheduled at Rockford Speedway.”  “We have two racing school programs.”  He said.  “One is a $99 introductory school and the other is a full blown, all day school at $495.”  Conducting the driving schools is head instructor Chris Carnes, a two-time national dirt track Legends champion who also has countless laps on the pavement.

Once you’ve made the decision to race a legends car, Jr. Eddie Mecum will set you up with everything you need.  The service includes at-track support at Rockford Speedway, Lake Geneva Speedway, PowerCom Park in Beaver Dam, Blackhawk Farms Raceway, Road America, Grattan and Gingerman to provide a variety of racing paved oval, dirt oval and road course.  Jr. Eddie Mecum has put together a Speedway Auto Mall Legends team to take care of all customer needs.  In addition to instruction by Carnes, Mike Numbers serves as crew chief while his wife Peggy Numbers, handles the office manager responsibilities and “make sure everything gets done.”

Our family has been involved in motor sports for more than 30 years,”  Ed mecum Jr. said.  “We started running modified at Wilmot and Lake Geneva, did some road racing in IMSA and the Firehawk series, and have some success in endurance racing by wining the 24 hours Watkins Glen two years in a row in the later 1980’s.”

So if you want to get started in a Legends car, it’s as easy as picking up the phone or stopping by the showroom.  Jr. Eddie Mecum said.  “Give us a call at Speedway Auto Mall Legends Cars (815) 636-0244 and ask to speak to myself or Chris, or stop by the showroom (1590 W. Lane Road in Machesney Park,  IL. across from the Rockford Speedway).  We always have new and used cars on display.” Jr. Eddie Mecum said.  “We’ll get you set up for a school and then discuss what would best serve your needs - a purchase or  arrive and drive program.  Either way, we think Legends is the way to go for affordable and extremely competitive racing.”